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We went to a picnic date! It was wonderful~ We ate fried chicken and just stayed there because it actually felt really nice in Arizona (what??)

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Out of my Mind- The Madden Brothers

It’s a little too fast for my liking, but whatever.

"They’re just playing hard to get!"

No, I just like to establish a deep, emotional connection with the person I’m having a romantic relationship with.

I’m not playing hard to get, I just don’t see you worthy of my affections.

—Anyone who doesn’t like to get their emotions played with by some asshole person who just wants sex. (via starxid)

So the cutest thing about Trevor blushing is that it will spread all across his face. It’s not just his cheeks, it’s his entire face, and it is very noticeable.

It’s so much fun making him blush <3


Hey guys! If you like the drawing I post on here, and want to see a bit more, I have an art blog! There’s not much, but you can still check it out if you want!


Hi there. So, I haven't really dated all that much, and when I have, everyone seems to find something better. I will admit I have some anxiety issues and a disorder which makes even hugging and issue sometimes. I also struggled with self harm for a long time.(Guys tend to freak out when I talk about it) I love myself, truly I do, but I can't help but wonder if anyone else ever will. Any advice?

Be patient, is all I can say. You will eventually find someone who will love and accept you for everything you are, flaws and all. 

There are issues that you have, and that’s okay, nobody’s perfect! The only thing that matters is that you are happy with yourself and in life. You just have to be patient because these things take time. 

It’s good that you love yourself! Confidence is something that can attract people’s attention! So keep it up! As for having anxiety and intimacy issues, there’s nothing wrong with that. You’ll find someone who will understand your issues and will stand by you and be patient until you are comfortable with doing anything.

Patience is key!

there's this girl I'm dating.. she's perfect and such, I feel strongly for her and she feels strongly for me and I want to be with her forever.... and I just want to know.... how do you know you are going to last long with the person you're dating...?

The thing about that is that you don’t really know. Astrid and I’s relationship was a whole thing out of random and we took the chance because we thought hey, we’ve got nothing to lose and now it seems to be the opposite from when we first started dating because now it seems like we have everything to lose. 

I don’t know about your situation, but I can say that if you both have strong feelings for each other than maybe you should take that leap of faith and start dating because it can only get better from there right? Sure there’ll be arguments here and there but if you work it out and know that you love each other at the end of the day then you’re sure to make it through. I guess what I’m trying to say is that believing in each other and supporting each other is a key thing to a long lasting relationship. It’s what got Astrid and I this far in our relationship and we still act like we’re one of those new couples. 

Trust, faith, loyalty, and lots of loving. These are things to keep in mind and always practice. Even if you guys are insecure about things, talk to each other about your insecurities and work on those together. It’ll help a ton. 

Hope that answers your question!


I hope you all find someone who gives you cute names and tells you it’s adorable when you do embarrassing things and hugs you when it’s early in the morning and makes you feel like you have a whole disneyland fireworks show going off inside your body and never ever lets you go 

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Hi, I noticed that your boyfriend had a polar pop.. being Canadian I was like OMFOGNRWJKFKJBWEJ Do you live in NS by any chance? O3O

No, we live in Arizona

We get our drinks from Circle K

I didn’t know Canada had Polar Pop!