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So my boyfriend did a thing.


My boyfriend of over 2 years sent me a game over skype. He said he wants to try and make Pokemon games since I play them so much. I opened it up and was super excited.


It seemed really well done and was super ready to start on my adventure!


He left a lot of cute notes and tips around town.


He remembered my favorite Kanto starter.<3


I was surprised it ran pretty well. I went on my journey and leveled up my Pokemon!


He showed me support and encouragement through a ton of NPC dialogue.


Then as im ending the game I come across this.



Lays = Bag of Air
*kissing Astrid*
Me: You take my breath away
Astrid: Well you're gonna need an inhaler or an oxygen tank when I walk down the aisle in that white dress
Me: I'll just get a bag of lays
Astrid: pfffffft HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Height differences!

I reach 5 ft 3 inches

and this guy

He reaches 6 ft 2 inches

Who wants to see our height difference?
Can you guess our heights?

Guess our heights and at the end of today (in 5 hours) we will put up a picture of our height difference

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I keep forgetting to put this up.

Do you ever use references?

Only if I absolutely need to. For example hands, I suck at hands, so I use my hands as reference. Some animals, and some action poses. I also have some manga volumes available for me in case I want to see how a certain pose is drawn.

First I'd like to formally say you two are adorable and I ship you so hard. (A little weird saying that because this is reality and stuff but... I still ship you!) Secondly, I have a question? Alright... So I've been talking to this guy at church for a while and he's super adorable and sweet. But I haven't dated anyone in well over a year and a half, do you have any tips for someone who has anxiety about dating??

Having anxiety about dating someone is natural if you haven’t dated in awhile (kinda like I did before I got with Astrid). It’s completely normal because maybe in your past relationships you haven’t had the best experiences and that’s okay too, it’s a learning process.

The best tip I have for you is just breathe. You’ll have that chance, but before you go looking at the big picture just breathe and let go of whatever you feel like is holding you back and take that chance. Go into it with confidence!

Just be like “sup babe, let’s go grab a coffee and have a lil one on one chat” then spank his ass to seal the deal (don’t do it I’m joking xD)

Just relax and don’t think on it too much and just do it!

Um... How and when do you tell someone you like them?

Well mostly when you come out to someone that you have a crush on you kinda wait for the right moment for when you’re both alone and/or it’s the right time. Unless you’re feeling brave and confess your love to them. 

These things are kinda hard to time but when the time feels right be sure that they’re not with someone so it doesn’t make things awkward for them (or you for that matter). 

All you can do is try your best and be yourself about it. The worst they can say is no right? I mean everyone has been in that position before. If it was meant to be then it was meant to be and if it wasn’t then that’s okay too because there will always be other people out there.

One more thing I’d like to add to this is don’t be with someone you can’t be yourself around because you honestly shouldn’t have to do that for anyone. 

What programs do you use for the art?

I mainly use Paint Tool Sai, it’s simple and easy to understand