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People complain about chubby guys getting the hot girl, but not the other way around. So here’s a comic of a chubby girl and her hot boyfriend being adorable together, and loving each other lots. (AKA Trevor and I)

When oh when does the chubby guy get the skinny girl…

If anything all I ever see is the skinny guy getting every girl

The chubby guy gets scoffed and a disgust face

example of heavier built guy and a thin  girl


According to Trevor, it was the cutest thing I have ever done. he keeps asking me to do it.

In my defense it was the most adorable thing she’s done. You had to be there to see it.

According to Trevor, it was the cutest thing I have ever done. he keeps asking me to do it.


110% every time my friends think such lies and slander of their hot, hot, selves

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She wanted to be closer to me

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Dear past me, Dear future me, Dear person I’m jealous of, Dear person I had a crush on, Dear girlfriend


(Only doing one per person)

Dear girlfriend,

Our relationship has gone past a year and still going strong. I couldn’t have been more thankful  for that. Because of you I have become a better man. What came out of our chemistry together became into an ever flourishing history. So let’s look back and go through our story so far.

We didn’t actually start talking until I came across you and our friend that one day did we? After that day we started talking more and more through facebook and then on tumblr. After a few days with prom on the horizon I told you I couldn’t go and then you told me you were going to a party that your friend was throwing instead and then invited me to it. Hanging out with you at that party was probably the most fun I had at any party ever. And when it came time to say good bye to you, our hug was longer than others. I felt a connection with you. After that we hung out a few days before graduation, which I couldn’t go to unfortunately because I would’ve sat next to you if I did go, we came back to my house and that’s when we made the first move at the same time and kissed. That same day, I asked you if you would be my girlfriend. And you said yes.

Two months later, I said I love you. I didn’t wanna say it so soon, but I couldn’t help have this overwhelming feeling come over and I just had to say it. You were blushing red and so speechless. You were so adorable in that moment. During that two months I met your family too. Your goofball older brother, your funny oldest sister, your derpy younger brother, and your parents. I’m glad I got to because this only brings me closer to you. 

Fast forward to our half year, where we went to the state fair with your sister and her friend. That’s where you heard me scream for my life on those fucking heart attack fair rides! But we also got to see a lot of things like the animals there and we got to do our passionate kiss on the biggest ferris wheel there.

Then our relationship took a dive because of her. I was fooled into doing something that I was stupid enough to buy into. We both cried. I did everything I could to get you back. I made a video, I gave you a rose, I cried in front of you… I think that was the first time I cried in front of you actually. But out of that we progressed on getting better.

Then came Christmas time where you got me a Enter Shikari shirt (one of my favorite bands). And I didn’t have money for a gift. So I got white out and put it on the cover of a Cardinals football team notebook and replaced it with “Memories of Us <3” where I drew our most precious memories inside. You were blushing so much and it was so adorable (but nothing beats when I said I love you for the first time and you blushed).

On my birthday you came over to my house and met my family and celebrated my birthday with me. You gave me a hand made drawing for a present that was the most gorgeous drawing that I’ve ever seen you do and to this day still get all warm and fuzzy on the inside looking at. I almost cried looking at it.

Valentines day came around and I got you a little valentines dragon (because everything else was expensive as shit) and got you your favorite chocolate and you made me an adorable card with a poem on the inside that was so sweet. 

Going back in time to I forgot when we went our first date where we got dressed up and went to Johnny Rockets for dinner and then walked around and still holds a special place as one of our most magical dates.

Fast forward to our anniversary. One year of love, pain, and rebuilding a relationship that I can’t believe we’re still going and that we even made it this far. We came over to my house and you tried hookah for the first time with me and you actually liked it a lot and that made me happy because you enjoyed something I enjoyed. We made passionate love. *cough* what? *cough*. Then we ended the day with taking pictures of us. 

Present day, we’re still as much in love, no, even more in love than we ever were before and it’s all because we had faith and believed we could make this relationship work. We loved each other that much and it amazes me.  To think that I have this gorgeous, loving, caring, sweet, adorable, precious angel as my girlfriend and soon going to be wife. I love you. That’s not gonna change either because whenever I look at you I keep smiling because you’re the most beautiful woman to me, you’re the best woman I could ever have, and you’ll be the best wife I will ever have. And you’ll be the best mother to our children I just know that. Gosh… I could go on and on about you, that’s how much I am in love with you. You’re perfect for me.


Your Other Half <3

Between us, chemistry became history